#CritLit2010 | Critical thinking: some of the principles

I found some interesting ideas from a video “Critical Thinking” that I connect with Critical Literacies.

Critical thinking skills are about:

  • analyzing
  • conceptualizing
  • defining
  • examining
  • listening
  • inferring
  • questioning
  • reasoning
  • synthesizing

All the competences above contribute to evaluate information and to evaluate our  thought in a disciplined way. This help us:

  • refine our thought processes;
  • think and assess information more comprehensively;
  • more able to identify and reject  false ideas & ideologies.

The qualities of a critical thinker:

  • can handle uncertainity;
  • prefers to be aware of their area of ignorance;
  • can wait for valid evidence;
  • can wait for evidence based answers

Critical thinking moves forward:

  • intelectual discipline;
  • clear expressions of ideas;
  • acceptance of personal responsibility for our thinking.

I consider that those qualities could improve our activities and professions if we could  integrate them to our life.

I like the last phrase the video shows because it connect to our understanding of the impact of critical thinking in learning environments:
“When we teach and encourage critical thinking we empower individual think”

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