#CritLit2010 reflections – Signals of Collective Intelligence fifth week

Connectivism, ¿the next social revolution?

Howard Rheingold in his book “Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution” explains that  there are some signs of collective intelligence in the use of technology. He considers that there might be a power on the technology collective interaction. The ability the people has power on their collective actions.  He said that people will have power on their pocket in the few years. An example was in Philippines (2001) when President Estrada had dismissed because a smart mob organized by the citizens. Examples of  Technology in collective action:

Rheingold in the Chapter 8 titled “How panoply amplifier permanent or cooperation?” refers to  Michel Foucault in his book “Discipline and Punish” which sets out the characteristics of the disciplinary society of mid-eighteenth century.

Rheingold argues that “Every social order, not only the repressive methods of social control requires mutual” and wondered if  “the key question is whether the user populations can use what we know about cooperation to promote the power / knowledge to a high level of democracy”. Also reflects on the cooperative use of technology (mobile communication, computing systems, spatial location) and question whether they could be applied in a way that overcomes the disciplinary forces, the existence of sanctions and checks and balances in the community-power technology developed by Foucault to, as posed by Ostrom and Axelrod principles are mutual control mechanisms to resolve the dilemmas of collective action.

Video “Howard Rheingold SmartMobs Revisited” in which Rheingold Talks about Collective Intelligence and Emerging as an invisible sign of this era.

He based his  explanation on Collective Action Theory. Actions that could be apply in self organizing, as a civic awareness, are: Political Actions, Democratic peaceful, Common place.
Regarding this, what do you think about Collective Actions as civic awareness? May citizens manage connecting intelligence to make next political issues changes?

Which are implications of  Collective Connectivity in Social Media for Democracy?

Which are the implications on Designing Media and collective actions?

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4 Responses to #CritLit2010 reflections – Signals of Collective Intelligence fifth week

  1. Heli Nurmi says:

    Thanks for your post and the video of Howard Rheingold. I listened to it today and enjoyed, I hadn’t seen it. You set questions that are the most important ones, I cannot answer but it is good to ask..
    I am thinking just now that what is the knowledge base for answering these questions? We are learning by doing, experiental learning, all the time, perceptions and interpretations matter but how?
    Rheingold can use his intuition for looking to future, because he has a long history (nice paradox, is it?) No science can give answers, citizen can – is it so? Sciences can help .. for instance I have enjoyed Danad Boyd’s presentations. But there is a gap I don’t know how to fill today. Some day I’ll be wiser I hope.. Please help if you can 🙂

  2. Heli, I only have questions. I would like to have answers…
    I think that a meaningful topic can be on the culture and education, our systems of thoughts and the way that we are interacting on the ecosystem as a whole.
    Think of the effects of intelligent action in the long term, overcoming personal interests, isn´t it a big challenge? I think so from a personal level to the general…

    Thank you.
    María Fernanda

  3. Heli Nurmi says:

    This could be a good perspective to future: global dignity for eveyone
    I have joined to that community – you have to believe that it is possible to make world better…

    • Heli, thank you for the link of Global Dignity. I took a look. It contributed to my awareness of the possible actions to deep on the conscious of the interdependency of our dignity with the dignity of others. Very interesting purpose. Reflects understanding of complex social structure. It is a way to generate powerful networks and create alliances that contribute to the emergence of collective action, overcoming the limits of space and participate in the initiative to become agents of change. 😀

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