arenastudies is a blog about reflections  in the use of social media in learning.
It was opened in occasion of a Critic Literacies Course by Stephen Downes.

Now I am pleased to continue the experience on learning theories, as Peeragogy, since I joined a group to help use a forum and wiki to start creating a peeragogy handbook on Peeragogy Virtual Course by Howard Reingold.  Since then I am intrigued about this concept that led me to write about it.

Toward Peeragogy

I met Howard on Facebook and several days ago, he commented about the project of writing a Handbook about Peeragogy and I decided to join it. There is a group that will meet face to face in Berkeley and then others will join them online. I participate on this second group.

About Critical Literacies

I came across Critical Literacies when I attended Stephen Downes ´s  Seminar at Fundación Telefónica, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 7/05/2010.

Since then I began a blinking on connectivity that inspired me to attend the course of Critic Literacies #CritLit2010 and open this blog.

Then, I applied to the MOOCPersonal Learning Envronments Networks and Knowledge , #PLENK2010,  which main goal is to clarify the concepts of personal learning environments and networks. Participants analyze the research literature and evaluate it against our own experience with the intent of developing a comprehensive understanding of personal learning environments and networks.

I am grateful for this opportunity to continue learning.

2 Responses to BLINKS

  1. Winding my way along some peer-learning-network readings, and found myself here! I have seen you on the Peeragogy forums and look forward to more interaction. We’ve been doing some Google+ hangouts, and would love to have you on too: the community that Fabrizio set up is Peeragogy in Action, but he probably already invited you. Nice blog! Cheeers, Charlotte

    • maferarenas says:

      Charlotte, many thanks! I have been a bit disconnected, but I want to interact more with all of you!
      I will be in touch in Peeragogy in Action too! Regards, María F.

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